Why Having a Ticket System Is Essential For Your Call Centre

Why Having a Ticket System Is Essential For Your Call Centre

It is of great importance that Companies put the customer at the centre of what they do.

Gartner stated that Customer experience is the new battlefield; but if you can not measure customer experience, you can not manage your customer experience.  Companies need to have the correct measures to gauge the achievement of their goals and to measure if they are delivering what the customers are expecting of them. Implementing a ticketing system in your Call Centre will help companies achieve these goals.

What Is A Ticketing System?

A ticketing system enables companies to resolve issues, and requests through an automated system. It helps agents resolve concerns directly from the client through a guided software platform. Having a ticketing solution in your Call Centre, allows agents to resolve tickets faster and within the expectation of the customer. Within the ticketing solution the agents can make use of FAQs to help answer the customer and direct the customer where to look should they require that information again. This will improve customer satisfaction and assist agents in being consistent in their replies.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers want to be kept up to date on what is happening with their query. The ticketing system enables the agent to give regular feedback to the customers. The ticketing also reminds the agent when to get back to the customer, ensuring that they do not violate SLAs.


Customers need to be able to communicate with your call centre through various channels. Millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce, and they do not want to talk on a phone anymore. They prefer social platforms and instant messaging like Whats-app.  An omnichannel ticketing system allows your business to handle customer requests on the platform of their choosing. No matter what platform they use, it gets logged as a ticket, which ensures that an agent responds to it. And this request can now be measured to see if they handle the request to the customer’s satisfaction.

Increase Agent Productivity

Since agents no longer need to manually create tickets for every request or complaint they receive, an increase in agent productivity should occur, as agents will be spending their time resolving the complaints or issues.

Your Business Benefits

A ticketing system allows managers and supervisors to have live access to what is happening in their teams. Detailed reports on all customer metrics are available.  Real-time dashboards on screens will keep everyone focussed on what matters most. With the use of real-time information, the supervisor or manager has their fingers on the pulse and can intervene at any time to ensure that the customer always comes first.

Service Level Agreements

The ticketing system will assist in keeping to most optimal service level times or required Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Within the ticketing system, you can set the specified SLA for each type or request no matter what the urgency, resulting in every scenario dealt with in the best possible way.

The ticketing system allows you to set priorities on tickets; this ensures that tickets of a severe nature are handled first. It also helps that agents don’t spend too much time concentrating on tickets that could be resolved by making use of the FAQ portal. If client requests are dealt with to the expectation of each customer it will not only increase customer satisfaction but create raving fans of your brand.

You should now have a better understanding of what a ticketing system is, and how it can better your business. Should you need any advice or more information on how a ticketing system can add value to your company, please contact Teleforge.