Why You Need To Make Your Call Centre Cloud Based

Why You Need To Make Your Call Centre Cloud Based

Cloud-based Call Centre technology has taken over the customer service industry. If you haven’t made the move over yet and you are in the customer service industry, this is for you. Having the technology of a cloud-based solution will allow you to access data from anywhere you are. Companies are moving from on-site to cloud solutions. When you implement the change to Cloud, you will see a difference in your operational efficiency and a reduction in long term costs.

A Cloud Contact Centre – what is it? 

A cloud Call Centre is hosted on the cloud on an internet server. This helps your Call Centre staying connected with digital media consistently. A cloud Call Centre will help you deliver faster services to your customers, and it will help you as a business owner to be steps ahead of your competition. Transform your Call Centre from legacy to a Cloud Centre.

Where to start

By converting to a cloud-based Call Centre, you will reduce the Capital Expenditure, as you no longer have to purchase hardware components.

The need to set up a physical location for your company falls away as implementing a cloud solution means you can work from anywhere. This means you will save on overheads and having physical hardware. All you need is a good internet connection.

Data security

Data security is vital to any business or customer. With the Cloud-based Call Centre, you can give your customers peace of mind by implementing a VPN – Virtual Private Network. This means all communication with customers is safe.

Instant gratification

The waiting game is over when it comes to setting up a cloud-based Call Centre. Setting up a cloud-based Call Centre is easy. You will have increased flexibility and provisions for agents to work comfortably from different sites.

Resizing of your business operations is all managed via the cloud service provider. Upsize or downsize the number of users is just a click away, with no costs involved.

Disaster Recovery

Cloud-based solution will provide you with a data backup which is stored in the cloud. You no longer need to worry about the loss of data. In the case of an emergency, you can access the cloud to pull that information from. You can efficiently route calls through a second provider should your Call Centre have a failure from their primary provider of voice.

Moving to a Cloud-based Call Centre will provide you with new business opportunities, you will be able to reach customers through all touch points and deliver fantastic service.

Cloud-based solutions means higher levels of business continuity, redundancy is available as an offering from the cloud service provider.

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