Your Contact Centre in the Cloud

Your Contact Centre in the Cloud

Is your Call Centre still operating in the dark ages? It is time to upgrade and move your Call Centre solution into the 21 Century with Teleforge’s Contact Centre Cloud. With the Teleforge Contact Centre solution, you will have the best technology to support your business. This solution will enable your agents to have access to data from remote locations.

What is Teleforge Contact Cloud Solution?

The solution is hosted in private cloud and accessible over the internet which means that is easy to deploy at a low cost. It allows you to upgrade for a legacy solution to a more modern easy to use system.

What are the benefits of using the Teleforge Cloud Solution?

Your data is secured in the cloud; this means that maintaining hardware becomes less of a headache. The data will always be accessible, no need to stress when an employee leaves that you lose the data.

Cost Saving

Your capital expenditure drops when you move your business to the cloud.

It creates more of an appeal to your prospective clients. All you require is a strong internet connection.

Data Security

No matter the size of your business, data security plays a significant role. With the Teleforge solution, you will rest easy knowing that your data is secure in the cloud. Teleforge Offers 256 Bit Aes Encryption at rest; in today’s IT world, encryption should not be an afterthought. It is essential. Encryption by default and robust access control management are just part of a set of industry best practices Teleforge uses effectively to manage customer data most securely; making us one a very few companies that are POPI, and GDPR compliant. Read more here.


Increase or decrease the number of users with no hassle. With a few clicks of the mouse, you will be able to manage this with ease.

Disaster Recovery

The constant threat of losing data is a real problem. It can become more worrisome when you have multiple locations. Let Teleforge give you peace of mind. The data is stored on the cloud; this means at any time any Call Centre agent or Call Centre Manager will be able to access this information. Teleforge uses Pure Storage Flash Protect is a set of resiliency technologies within Purity (The Pure Storage Array operating System), delivering High Availability, RAID-3D dual drive failure protection, non-disruptive everything (controller upgrades, capacity expansion, and software upgrades), and always-on encryption. Proven greater than 99.9999% availability means our client data is always available, and always protected — with no performance loss, even with active controller upgrades, capacity upgrades, and even complete chassis upgrades.

Seamless Integration

Teleforge will help you work smarter with by integrating our Contact Centre Cloud solution into your CRM. Don’t waste time and money with manually dialling numbers. With Click 2 Dial the agent can merely click on the next client in the dialling campaign instead of physically dialling the number; giving you hours back in talk time a month.  By integrating our Power Dialer the number of calls routed to agents is determined by the availability of the agents to maximise talk time and productivity; easily increasing call centre productivity by up to 100%. No more on-hold time or call-waiting.

It’s time to take the big step into the future and contact Teleforge today. Let us show you how our technology can make your Call Centre better.

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