Moving Your Contact Centre To The Cloud

Moving Your Contact Centre To The Cloud

It is expected that 83% of businesses will opt for cloud solutions by 2020.

“On-premise” was the only option in the past. This has changed with the evolution of cloud deployment, which allows for easier upgrades to take place. A cloud solution resolves the challenge of having multiple offices located throughout the country, and it also addresses the need to have hardware installed at all the locations. The cloud solution will have your business up and running in no time.

Teleforge’s Contact Centre Cloud solution comes with all features that an on-premise solution provided. The significant benefit of this solution is that it is hosted in the cloud.

Benefits Of The Cloud For You Call Centre Agents.

Cloud allows your agents to work from remote locations, this allows your agents to provide support, and services all year round.

Softphone And Automated Dialer.

In the past agents would need to use a hard-phone to contact clients. This means that they were manually dialling clients which could lead to finger faults, costing an unnecessary business expense of the wrong number dialled.

Manually dialling results in an agent to keep dialling a number to get through to a client. Whereas an Automated Dialer removes the finger fault and redialing of numbers. The Dialer simply lines up calls, and only sends through calls that are connected are already connected to the customer. Productivity will increase dramatically.

How Will A Cloud Solution Help Your Call Centre?

The customers’ needs are essential. Call Centres need to be able to deliver fast and efficient service to their clients. A cloud solution provides the tools for offering exactly that. Here are some of the benefits of moving to the cloud.

Moving From Capex To Opex.

Capex is a thing of the past. Capex meant the company would need to provide significant capital for hardware and infrastructure. A Cloud solution is a plug and play. You only pay for what you use. This means a reduction in costs and overheads.

Company Growth.

In the past, a company would need to budget for growth. A cloud solution is flexible, allowing you to increase and decrease what you are making use of, in a few clicks, the sizing of your hardware can be managed to the capacity requirement of your call centre.

Business Continuity.

A cloud solution provides a company with high levels of business continuity. Redundancy is an offering that comes with the solution. Less downtime and a reduction in hardware failure. With redundancy comes the peace of mind that you will not have to stress over not being able to service their clients when unforeseen issues occur; your call centre will always be up and running. Teleforge uses the latest hyper-converged technology to ensure we give our Cloud Call Centres 99,99999% uptime.

No matter the size of your contact centre Teleforge’s Contact Centre Cloud Solution will fit your business needs. Contact to see how we can provide a solution tailor-made for you.

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