What is V.o.I.P? – Some interesting insights

What is V.o.I.P? – Some interesting insights

There is no question in the minds of all successful business people that effective communication, both with their clients and internally, is the key to growth and stability within the organisation. These questions have to be asked therefore – Is your business communicating effectively? –  Are you providing quality communication?

Telforge is a local communications company providing innovative solutions to SMEs and corporate enterprises alike …and in the interests of more effective communication with our clients and the public in general, we look at questions of interest (or frequently asked questions) regarding the telecommunications industry. This article asks What is V.o.I.P? …and provides some interesting insights… 

What is V.o.I.P?

Standing for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), it is the underlying technology service which enables the transit of an audio stream (converted into a digital stream) between end- user handsets or devices, over the Internet.  In the language of the layman, VoIP is the standard feature in most communication based apps that allows you to hear and speak over the Internet – for example on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype etc….

Where did it start? 

Well, V.o.I.P is nothing new! The first VoIP calls were made by ARPANET in 1974, but the VoIP technology we know and use today was invented by Vocaltec in Israel in 1995, starting as a home project and eventually being released as a product called InternetPhone. From there, the first PC to phone calls came in 1998, but the idea and basic principles behind V.o.I.P are actually quite old!

Nothing new ….but how it grew!

After a slow start, once V.o.I.P became popular, it grew fast! Between 1998 and 2002, VoIP constituted only about 1-3% of all voice calls, but by 2003, with companies such as Skype and with generally greater access to the Internet and computers, VoIP took off in a big way. In 2003 it had grown to 25% and accounted for 204 billion minutes by 2005!

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