Which Key Qualities Will Improve Customer Service in your Call Centre?

Which Key Qualities Will Improve Customer Service in your Call Centre?

Customer service should be top priority for your company and your Call Centre.

Excellent customer service is one way to gain customer loyalty. The question is how do create a good reputation in the Call Centre environment? Below we have highlighted the essential qualities to implement exceptional customer service in a Call Centre environment.

Best fit

It is vital to match agents to the role that suits them best. Call Centre agents bring with them experience and different skill sets. An outgoing personality type would best suit the inbound call group. An introvert with excellent writing skills would best suit dealing with email queries and the live chat app. Invite those who have strong skills in both to share their talents with their fellow agents. This will give the agent a sense of belonging and empower them.

Communication is key

Communication in all forms is key to having and implementing an excellent customer experience.

Look at your Call Centre team and ask yourself if you feel that your team’s communication skills are up to standard. There is no harm in up-skilling your agents with training sessions. Allow them to share skills and experience. Educate your agents on how to communicate clearly with each other and the customers.

Data analysis

As a Call Centre owner or manager, you have access to big data. Use the data to find what you need to improve on in your Call Centre. From the data, you will be able to see what your first response times and average handling rates are. You can then address these. Sending out a survey to your customers to find what they feel you can improve on will also help you improve your agents’ skills.

Effortless customer service

By making every experience your customers have effortless, you again winning customers.

Agents who are friendly and understanding with a customer make a customer feel at ease. This creates a memorable experience which can lead to brand awareness for your company.

Customers should be able to get hold of you on different platforms, e.g., live-chat, telephone, etc. Don’t let your customers wait for a long time for a reply. Ensure that your agents have the right information that they relay to customers, having a CRM system helps agents access all information collected from the customer. Customers get upset when they have to keep repeating themselves when passed onto another agent.

Ensure that all agents know the processes of your Call Centre. Remember that your customers are essential to the livelihood of your business. Communicate clearly, maintain a good attitude toward ongoing improvements. These will all lead to your Call Centre running at an optimal level.