Why it is Essential to Identify Customer Issues

Why it is Essential to Identify Customer Issues

Within the Call Centre environment, the collection of data plays a vital role as it gives your company feedback with regards to interactions with customers, and why clients are contacting your Call Centre.

By analysing the data captured, you will be able to assess what improvements need to be made to the overall customer experience. Below, a list of key issues that could be troubling your customers.

User experience

Why are clients contacting your business? When customers contact your Call Centre, it shows you a lot about the customer experience. Taking note of the critical issues is imperative to making the customer experience effortless for all.

First contact resolution 

Once you have identified the key issues, you can implement steps to prevent the problems from happening in the future. Your Call Centre agents will become proactive, being able to achieve a higher rate of FCR, which in the long run saves both the customer and the business money.

Handling time

First contact resolution and handling time are an vital SLA for Call Centre’s. By handling, customer queries in a timeous manner will alleviate times spent with customers interacting with Call Centre agents. This results in cost saving for Call Centre’s.

Business practices 

When you analyse the critical customer’s issues, it will provide you with information where your Call Centre agents need to be trained. An example could be that an agent is battling with the CRM system, or information is not relayed to the customer accurately. Asses the Call Centre agents, what roles they are in and determine if further training needs to take place, or the agent might need to be assigned to a new position.

Staying up to date on the trends picked from the data analysis will assist you in addressing issues. By being proactive in the Call Centre, and being able to see in advance issues that might occur you will be able to improve the customer experience exponentially.