Andrew van Niekerk

Andrew founded Teleforge in July 2013 in Bryanston and served as the Managing Director until October 2016. His passion for Teleforge and the call centre industry was contagious and it was this passion that rapidly grew Teleforge in the business it is today. Andrew, unfortunately, took ill at the beginning of 2019 and is in the process of recovering. He can not fulfil his duties as Executive Director and was sadly removed. 


“Andrew, our prayers are with you and Sara. We know you are a fighter and we are expectant of your return to this amazing company. Can’t wait to have you back!” Team Teleforge.




Non-executive Director, Board Chair, Audit and Risk, Remco, Social and Ethics

Janine is a seasoned Telecommunications Executive, she served as Chief Commercial Officer at Liquid Telecom South Africa. Before this, she headed up Global Ethernet Product Development at Vodafone. She was pivotal to developing a multi-bearer product portfolio over nine years, growing revenues from a zero base to over R1bn from Vodacom Business’s inception in 2008. She directed the following product launches; national Carrier Ethernet services over fibre, packet Microwave, as well as various other access services over Long range WiFi, Satellite, FTTX and submarine fibre optic cable systems such as WACS, EASSY. Janine obtained CECP certifications in 2013 and again in 2016 as well as SDN/NFV certification and network expert accreditation in 2018. She earned BCom Economics and BCom Honours Business Finance degrees. She received industry awards from both the FTTH Council of Africa and MEF. She is a member of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in South Africa. Passionate about Telecommunications and Digital Transformation, Janine works with the University of Johannesburg’s engineering faculty to expose students to digital and network transformation trends and offers them an opportunity to get involved in practical coding and increase their skills in this field.

Shashi Hansjee

Non-executive Director, Remco Chair, Social and Ethics Chair

In 2003 Shashi graduated with BSc (Elec Eng) and a year later a MEng (Info Eng) cum laude at the University of the Witwatersrand. He started working as an analyst developer and soon after joined Entelect in 2005. He led the development of a number of systems for clients in the corporate banking, derivatives trading, customer relations and entertainment industries. Shashi’s ability to understand his clients’ business needs and impressive delivery record saw him appointed as technical director three years later. In 2010 he was promoted to the role of Managing Director, where he took ownership of day to day operations, staff management and transforming Entelect into the company it is today. Following five successful years as MD, Shashi was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Entelect in 2014.

Antony Makins

COO, Director, Risk, Social & Ethics

Antony is an inventive, results-driven executive, outstanding strategist with the passion for delivering record breaking revenue growth in highly competitive business markets for both startups to world class organisations. His experience includes heading Liquid Telecom as General Manager of Innovation, Enablement, Partnerships, Professional Services and Special Projects and is leading the Digital Transformation (Dx) program Liquid Telecom SA. 

He has been a Sales Director for international software vendors such RedPrairie, JDA Software, SSA ERP and Super Group Technology Solutions. In addition, he was the Managing Director of Scantec, a subsidiary of Westcon SA. He has been an independent non-executive of Teleforge since the inception of the Board and appointed Chairman from 1 March 2018. Since January 2019, Antony is serving as Teleforge’s very own Executive Director and Chief Operations Officer.

Francois van der Merwe

CEO, Director, Risk, Social & Ethics

Francois is a decisive, action-oriented and results-driven business leader serving as the CEO of Teleforge. He studied an MBA at the University of the Free State while also offering 16 years of business leadership experience with a large focus on strategic business development and growth. Experienced performer in both tech start-ups and Tier-1 Telcos driven by a strong affinity towards, and passion for exponential technologies.  Relationship builder, superb networker, trainer, mentor, and coach. Francois’ personal mission is to live passionately for others, leveraging all his power, talents, gifts and resources for those around him. His personal motto is: “Build to Influence”. He is a proud dad of two amazing kids and the husband of Chantal, the most amazing wife in the world. 

Michael De Klerk

Non-executive Director, Audit and Risk Chair

Michael is a qualified chartered accountant with experience spanning a diverse range of industries including financial services, Information technology, telecommunications, and construction. As a CFO he has successfully implemented numerous control environments and has been instrumental in the financial turnaround of a number of medium to large companies. His core skills revolve around his ability to implement practical controls that safeguard resources, enable robust planning and management and also support nimble decision making

Chris Riley

Non-executive Director, Co-founder

Chris is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for IT and business in general. He started his career in the IT industry leading to the creation of his own IT company; The Notebook Company.  Chris is also an avid property investor where he started buying his first properties in 1996. Chris now owns over a 100 properties, including residential properties, estates, game farms and commercial properties. Chris funded the initial start-up of Teleforge as a silent shareholder, making him one of the founding members. Chris has a wide range of extracurricular passions; he has earned his Private Pilot’s licence, Micro-lite license, and also does Paragliding, and Motorised Paragliding. When he is not running his businesses he enjoys horse riding, off-road bikes, scuba diving, fishing, hunting, water skiing, snow skiing, snowboarding, kite surfing (more struggling than enjoying) and hiking.


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