What strategies are you making use of in your Outbound Call Centre to ensure that you are achieving at a high level? Reaching a high number of calls made does not mean that you are reaching new business.

Within the ever-growing Call Centre environment being on top of every channel is a hard task to take on without missing something. Implementing the right Call Centre technology will give to the assistance you require. You will be able to see an increase in the ROI while increasing the conversion rate.

Making use of the below features in your outbound Call Centre you will be able to see if your business is performing optimally.

Call Recording and Call monitoring

It is essential to be able to measure call quality with real-time monitoring tools.

Real-time monitoring allows you to measure call quality, listen in to live calls, assist agents by whispering into the agent’s ear without the client being able to hear and assist the Call Centre agent in providing better service to the client. For further details on this feature contacts Teleforge today.

Click to Dial (C2D)

You can reduce human errors with manual dialling with the “Click 2 Dial” functionality. Call Centre Agents can place calls to clients with a click of a button. With having the Click-2-Dial in place in your business there will be a reduction in call costs, no dialling of incorrect numbers will take place anymore, this also means that your agents are more productive with higher talk time. For further details on this feature contacts Teleforge today.

Predictive Dialer  

A Predicative dialer is another essential tool to have in your Call Centre. A predictive dialer uses an algorithm to assign a call to agents with a predefined parameter. This reduces time spent trying to get through to no answer numbers and numbers that no longer exist. With predictive dialer software, your agents can make more calls. For further details on this feature contacts Teleforge today.

Implement A Ticketing System

Implementing a ticketing system helps Call Centre agents keep track of the interactions they have with clients. A ticketing system creates tickets automatically form other channels, so the need to generate manual tickets falls away. Teleforge can help you with a ticketing system called Freshdesk. Contact us today for a free demo.

Make this the year you update your Call Centre, by making use of the above ideas your Call Centre services will grow exponentially.

 “A successful outbound strategy does not end with the call. It only starts it”.