Why Freshsales?
Connect from Freshsales

Make more calls, send targeted emails,
and get in touch with your prospects,
in just a click.

Auto-log conversations

Calls, emails and activities are
auto-logged so you can focus on selling,
not on data entry.

Lead Scoring

Surface your high potential leads
-- those who exhibit sales-ready buying
signals and behaviors.

Prioritize better

Sort prospects by website, product,
email and call interactions.
Know who to follow up with and when.

Actionable insights

Dive deep into a prospect’s engagement
level, get context, and plan your

Unified activities view

Find every sales interaction and track your
buyer's journey in one place, so nothing is

Email notifications

Stay on your toes with real-time alerts
on email opens, link clicks and more.

Personalize messaging

Know who is most interested in what
you’re selling and smartly target your next
set of activities.

Deals by sales rep

Filter deals by the reps who are
handling them. Turn your pipeline into
a report card of your team.

Visual sales pipeline

Easily track the progress of your deals.
Add tasks, set up meetings, send mails
and make calls from the deal card.

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