General Managers

The Executive Management Team

Sylvester Kuisis

GM Managed Infrastructure, Co-founder

Sylvester is a passionate, driven, and adaptive individual who does not give up easily, no matter what challenge he is faced with. He is a fast learner, prides himself on having a diverse range of skills, and is constantly working on improving and adding to them. He has 5 years of experience in the IT industry, and 5 in Telecoms, with specialist knowledge in the Research, Technical, Design, Support, Implementation and Development environments.

He has a BSc in Computer Science from UNISA.

Sylvester co-founded Teleforge in July 2013 where he has served as the Chief Technical Officer and was recently assigned the role of General Manager for the Managed Infrastructure department.

stefan verster

Stefan Verster

GM Innovation, Shareholder

Stefan holds Microsoft Certifications ranging from MCP, MCITP, MCSE, and MCSA.  After starting at Teleforge Stefan has further certified himself in Linux Essentials, Digium Dcsa as well as Vicidial which contributed to Teleforge becoming one of the only Authorized Vicidial Partners.

Stefan started out at Teleforge in 2015 as a junior level 1  VOIP engineer and worked his way up to a level 3 Senior engineer in 8 months from inception. He served in several IT management positions and now serves as The General Manager of Operations. With his wealth of technical knowledge Stefan plays a vital role in maintaining good and healthy relationships with our customers to ensure that our support and service levels are second to none. 

Stefan is a dedicated and hardworking individual who believes that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.  Stefan also loves a new challenge and believes that there is no task too big to solve. Stefan’s core believe is: “There is no such thing as failing, only learning!”

Rijnhard Hessel

Head of Product Strategy, Shareholder

Rijnhard prides himself on his growth mindset; as a developer, entrepreneur, leader and an ethical member of society. He has a strong ENTJ personality with an inclination for fast learning, strategy and creativity that results in the ability to innovate and drive innovation. Rijnhard holds a BIS degree specialising in Multimedia from the University of Pretoria. He started working as a Software Developer in the Telecommunications industry (and related industries) from 2012, starting with SMS, moving into Insurance and then to voice in 2014 at Teleforge to lead the development efforts. Rijnhard is a fast learner by nature and a natural problem solver which has manifested in his technical ability as a Senior Developer, and in his strategic responsibilities to realise the Teleforge vision. His strategic and creative inclinations earned him awards for Innovation early on from the University of Pretoria’s School of Information Technology and numerously later from Teleforge. His ability to translate business requirements and technical challenges between multiple stakeholders into common understanding adds to his ability to lead the product direction for the Teleforge vision. 

He has been a Sales Director for international software vendors such RedPrairie, JDA Software, SSA ERP and Super Group Technology Solutions. In addition, he was the Managing Director of Scantec, a subsidiary of Westcon SA. He has been an independent non-executive of Teleforge since the inception of the Board and appointed Chairman from 1 March 2018. Since January 2019, Antony is serving as Teleforge’s very own Executive Director and Chief Operations Officer. 

Rijnhard Hessel
Lucas van Kasterop

Lucas van Kasterop

GM Finance & Risk

Lucas is a goal driven leader, by analysing and coordination of the company’s processes assets he always strives to “make it better”.  He joined the team in 2016 and serves as Teleforge’s financial manager. He obtained his BCom Accounting degree through Free State University and honours through Unisa. He completed his SAICA Learnership contract at a medium-size audit firm in Bloemfontein. During the period 2009 to 2013 he gained experience in auditing, taxation and financial management working with auditing firms in Bloemfontein and Pretoria. In 2013 to 2016 he gained experience in the pharmaceutical sector as a financial manager. He joined the team in 2016 and is heading up the financial department for Teleforge. Lucas has the ability to maximise processes within a company and ensure the optimal results are obtained. He strives to make his surrounding better and can identify potential in individuals which he optimises to get the best result for the company. His vision is to touch people’s lives on a daily basis to ensure that their actions in the future can build a better South Africa. Lucas was recently assigned the role of General Manager for the Finance department.

Mark Pillai

GM Business Development and Sales

Mark has over 26 years experience in the Contact Centre industry, he started as a Call Centre agent and worked his way up to managing many Call Centres and eventually being appointed as Director in a Call Centre.

Not only does he understand the Call Centre industry, he understands the needs of the different leadership levels required within this industry.

Mark believes in being solution-driven and see’s the opportunity where there is chaos.

He looks forward to meeting with you to assist you in creating more opportunity for your business.

Mark Pillay