Corporate Cloud

Bring your PBX and Communication platform into the cloud for better mobility, quality, simplicity, and reliability – Our super low, all-inclusive per-minute cost is a first in South Africa and guarantees the lowest corporate cloud telephony solution in South Africa.

Call Centre Cloud

Contact Centre Cloud is a cloud-based call centre dialer solution that ensures a highly productive and efficient team. Our Unlimited and All-Inclusive Pricing packages are a first in South Africa and guarantee the highest technology ROI in South Africa.


Teleforge is one of only two Accredited VICIdial partners in South Africa, but the first in the world to provide our competitive Unlimited and All-Inclusive Pricing packages, and guarantee peace of mind and the highest technology ROI in South Africa.



/ Minute-billed / Second / All Networks

All Inclusive Cloud Telephony Solution at a month-to-month per-minute rate

  • NO additional monthly costs
  • Unlimitted users
  • FREE softphone for every user
  • Month to Month
  • SSL Encryption
Alternate Numbers
Auto Attendant
Call Forwarding /Follow-Me
Call Park and Pickup
Call Pickup
Call Transfer
Call Waiting
Calling Line ID Blocking and Override
Calling Line ID Delivery
Distinctive/Priority Alerting
Daily backups
Do Not Disturb
Extension Dialing
Hunt Groups
Individual billing
Least Cost Routing
Loudspeaker Paging
Multi-site billing
Music on Hold
Selective Call Acceptance
Selective Call Rejection
Sequential Ring
Shared Call Appearances
Simultaneous Ring
Speed Dial
Three-Way Calling
Two-stage Dialing
Voice/Fax Mail
Teleforge Softphone Included
Time Conditions
Call flow control
Smart IVR with database integration
Redundant Hosting with two seperate Server Clusters at Teraco
Premium Hosting in two geographically separated DCs
Local DID
Direct Inbound Numbers
International DID ON REQUEST
Real-time agent and call monitoring
Whisper and Barge-In
Home-based and Remote Agents
Comprehensive Contact History ?
Automatic call-back on missed call queue
Random Caller ID Generator
Inbound Call lookup
Teleforge Integrated Progressive Dialler
Teleforge Reporting Module
Teleforge Reporting tool Teleforge Dialer
Inbound Stats Pro
Campaign Stats
Realtime Stats Dashboard
Realtime Call Control Dashboard
Call Recording Redundancy Replication ON REQUEST
Call Recordings 1 months
Call Recordings 5 years ON REQUEST
Call Cabinet Intergration ON REQUEST
Call Recording API for frontend systems
Full specification API for integrations
Click To Dial API
Integration into Excalibur
Integration into Freshdesk
Integration into Maximus
Integration into Simplicity
Integration into Swordfish
Integration into Vertex
Other CRM Intergrations ON REQUEST
SSL encryption
Data Security for Privacy Protection
Multi-tenant Multi-level Security Permissions
Custom roles and permissions
SRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol)
Daily spending plans
International Toll Fraud Protection
GeoFraud IP protection
Ofcom Compliant
DNC compliant
*Unlimited Calls constitute dialling within a consecutive 9-hour working day. Calls made outside this 9-hour time slot will be billed at a rate of 30c to all networks, similar to the back-office and admin users.

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