Primary Contact Center Features

Inbound, Outbound and Blended call handling, also Inbound Email and Chat

Let your agents handle inbound and outbound phone calls, as well as inbound email and website customer, chat all together through the same web-based agent interface. VICIdial was built with blended contact handling in mind, so no need to have agents log out to change from inbound to outbound, and no need for a second application for email handling or customer chatting on websites. Everything is handled in the same agent screen.

With Skills-based routing and Agent Ranking, you can have calls and emails go to the agents that can handle them the most efficiently for their skill set.

Queue Prioritization allows you to send the more important calls to agents first.

You can also have your agents handling outbound calls when the inbound call load is low.

For more information about the features that we offer on VICIhost, please contact us.

Skills-based routing with agent ranking

With Skills-Based Routing and Agent Ranking, you can have calls and emails go to the agents that can handle them the most efficiently and effectively for their skill sets.

For example, let’s say we have three agents that work in the call center at XYZ Industries selling widgets: SallyHarold and Connie

  • Tsepo grew up speaking in Sotho at home and speaks both Sotho and English
  • Johan speaks both Afrikaans and English
  • Connie speaks only English

XYZ Industries operates in South Africa and has three call queues for their Sales and Support line: EnglishSotho and Afrikaans. Most calls that come in go to the English queue, the second most number of calls go to the Sotho queue, and the least number of calls go to the Afrikaans queue.

Here is how we would set up the agent skills and ranks in VICIdial for the three agents to most effectively and efficiently handle the calls that come in:

  • Tsepo –  English rank: 4   Sotho: 9   Afrikaans rank: (not enabled)
  • Johan –  English rank: 5   Sotho rank: (not enabled)   Afrikaans rank: 9
  • Connie –  English rank: 9   Sotho rank: (not enabled)   Afrikaans rank: (not enabled)

All three agents can handle English calls, but because Connie only speaks English, she gets the highest English rank and will be the first agent to get a call that comes into this queue. Johan would be the second agent to receive and English queue call because his other language, Afrikaans, is the least popular queue. Tsepo would be the last agent to take an English queue call.

This was just a simple explanation of how our agent skills-based routing and ranking works, but we have helped clients to set up very complex routing plans with hundreds of queues, skills and agents involved.

For more information on how our Skills-based routing and agent ranking works, please contact us.

VICIdial Outbound agent-controlled, broadcast and predictive dialling

With VICIdial, there are three main types of outbound dialling: Agent-ControlledBroadcast and Predictive Dialing

Agent-Controlled dialling is also called Manual Dialing. This is where the agent has to click to dial each phone call, either by taking the next lead in a list and dialling it or entering in a phone number to dial and initiating the phone call.

Broadcast dialling allows the system to place phone calls and play pre-recorded messages with no live agents present.

Predictive dialling allows the system to calculate the number of phone calls it thinks it should place in order to keep the agents busy with phone calls while still staying below a set dropped call rate limit. There are many settings available that influence how the predictive dialling algorithm works.

Another type of outbound dialling is Ratio, this will dial a constant ratio of phone lines to agents logged in. This method is not affected at all by the dropped call rate. Ratio can also be used with campaigns that have no leads and only handle inbound phone calls.

For more information on how Outbound Dialing works in VICIdial, please contact us.

VICIdial Integrated call recording

Full Featured Call Recording is built into VICIdial. With it you can automatically record all calls going to agents, or let the agents have control over when to start and stop call recordings.

You also have the ability to record calls as they come into your system before they are routed to an agent. Even if the call only routes to an IVR or a third-party, it can be recorded and reviewed later.

For three-way calls, you can initiate a new recording when dialling in the third party, and that recording can stay running even if the agent leaves the three-way call.

If your agents are able to use their phones outside of the VICIdial agent screen, you can also record their phone calls.

All of these recordings are automatically archived on our internal archive server and are accessible from the VICIdial Administration website. You can also have these recordings sent by FTP to your own server for storage.

For more information about VICIdial call recording, please contact us.

VICIdial Three-Way calling within the agent screen

While an agent is on a phone call with a customer on the agent screen, they can place a call to a third-party and conference them in together with the customer they were talking to.

This third-party call can be placed with the customer on hold, or live on the line.

The three-way call can be recorded separately, and the recording will continue even if the agent leaves the three-way call.

The Outbound CallerID for these three-way calls can be set up to use the customer’s phone number in certain circumstances.

Three-way calls can be routed out through a different carrier from other outbound calls if you want.

If the customer hangs up while the agent is on the three-way call, the three-way call session can automatically be ended and logged.

For more information about agent screen three-way calling works, please contact us.

VICIdial Scheduled Callbacks: Agent-Only and Anyone

Agents can schedule a callback with a customer, and either reserve that callback for themselves, or allow any agent to take the callback when the scheduled time arrives.

For Agent-Only callbacks, there is a flashing notification on the agent screen that lets agents know they have callbacks that have triggered, so they can call them back.

For Anyone callbacks, the calls will be placed and routed to available agents automatically after they have hit their scheduled date and time.

There are administrative settings that allow you to prevent an agent from setting a callback too soon, as well as settings to prevent an agent from calling back a callback too soon.

There are also administrative tools that allow you to reassign Agent-Only callbacks to another agent or to change them to Anyone callbacks.

For more information on scheduled callbacks within VICIdial, please contact us.

VICIdial Agent Scripting with customer data

Our Agent Scripting utility allows you to insert customer data fields into your script so it can be a seamless presentation for your customers.

Also, you can use your own web page in the Agent Scripting screen instead, and you can pass the customer variables to your system instantly as soon as the call is presented to the agent.

For more information about VICIdial’s Agent Scripting, please contact us.

VICIdial Ability to have agents work from almost any internet connected computer

Your agents can work from almost anywhere!

Agents can work from home or in a central call center, all they need is an internet connection, a computer and a headset or phone.

We have clients with hundreds of at-home agents, all on the same VICIhost cluster.

Agents from dozens of countries around the world on five different continents use our VICIhost call center services.

You can have from 5 to 500 agents on a single VICIhost contact center cluster. Load balancing, redundancy and failover are built-in to the VICIhost platform

For more information about agent flexibility on VICIdial please Contact Us.

VICIdial High-Level Data Encryption

High-Level Data Encryption is available from your agents’ web browsers all the way to the database back-end where your data is stored in our secure SSAE-16 certified hosting facilities. We use NIST-approved, strong encryption algorithms to safeguard your data.

You can also send your customers to a secure IVR to collect sensitive information like credit card numbers to shield that information from your agents while still allowing them to take customer orders.

You are also able to hide all(or part) of sensitive customer data fields, like payment data, from your agents.

Another encryption feature that we offer is encrypted recordings of phone call audio, allowing your company to stay in compliance with many industry security requirements, such as HIPAA and PCI compliance.

Here is the full list of encryption and other security enhancements that we offer on VICIhost:

  • SSL encrypted(https) agent interface screen and data transport
  • Encrypted database storage of custom field data
  • Masking of sensitive custom field data from agents and managerial staff
  • The ability for agents to send customers to an IVR to enter in sensitive information
  • Encrypted recordings of phone call audio
  • Restricted audio call recordings access, with logging
  • Secure calls to agents using either WebRTC or SRTP soft-phones
  • Encrypted user password logins
  • Segmented user groups access and permissions
  • Hosted in our secured SSAE-16 certified facility

For more information on how our VICIdial strong data encryption and security enhancements work, please contact us.

VICIdial Agent Scripting with customer data

Our Agent Scripting utility allows you to insert customer data fields into your script so it can be a seamless presentation for your customers.

Also, you can use your own web page in the Agent Scripting screen instead, and you can pass the customer variables to your system instantly as soon as the call is presented to the agent.

For more information about VICIdial’s Agent Scripting, please contact us.

VICIdial External CRM Integration

VICIdial can integrate with many popular CRM systems, providing you with a seamless user interface tied into your back-end customer management systems.

Here are a few of the CRM systems that we currently integrate with:

  • Teamsupport
  • Insightly
  • Pipedrive
  • Vtiger
  • Zoho
  • Zendesk
  • SugarCRM
  • LessAnnoyingCRM

And, if your CRM allows web-based integrations, we can probably interoperate with it.

CRM integration can be as simple as a web page popping up with customer data when a phone call is received by an agent, or it can go as far as back-end data synchronization. We can help you to integrate with your CRM system as much or as little as you need.

For more information on VICIdial CRM integrations, please contact us.

Web-configurable IVRs and Voicemail boxes

Through the Administrative website, you can configure multi-level IVRs(Interactive Voice Response) that have hundreds of end-points, with time-based options and even logging of customer IVR responses available. We have also helped clients to integrate with their internal systems to build dynamic IVRs that offer information on order progress, shipment tracking, and pay-by-phone automated services.

You can also configure voicemail boxes that can be used for agents or for any other purpose. You can select a pre-recorded audio prompt to be used as the welcome message for the voicemail greeting, and voicemails can even be configured to be sent to an email address once they are left.

For more information on how our web-based administration of IVRs and Voicemail boxes works, please contact us.

Virtually limitless campaigns, lists, IVRs, inbound queues, DIDs, phone accounts, voicemail boxes, and user accounts

We have clients that have some very large configurations. We’ve seen one client with over 10,000 DIDs on a single system. Another client with over 700 inbound queues. A client with over 800 lists. And a client with 400 campaigns.

With VICIdial, the sky is the limit, and we can help you build your system to have as many different settings as you need to make it work the way you want it to work.

For more information on our virtually limitless settings, please contact us.

Integrated web-based agent phone included, requires no agent setup

With your VICIhost account, you have access to our Web-based agent phone. This phone can operate as an integrated part of the VICIdial Agent Screen on any Windows-based agent workstation, and it does not require manual configuration like most software-based phones do.

The Integrated Web-based agent phone also has an extra advantage on VICIhost systems that use multiple servers, it is able to load balance the agent connections across the available servers, providing better system utilization and redundancy.

Immediate or scheduled website callbacks

Whether you want to call hot web leads back right away, or you want to let customers schedule phone calls to them when it’s convenient, the VICIdial API lets you insert records into your system to allow you to do both of those and more.

The VICIdial API has many different options for inserting leads into the system, including triggering an immediate phone call if there are agents available. We have many clients that have contact forms on their websites tied to their VICIdial account, so that as soon as a contact request arrives, a call is placed, and the agent is talking to that customer instantly.

For more information on how Website Callbacks works in VICIdial, please contact us.

Real-time reports with “click-to-listen” to monitor agent phone calls

Supervisors and managers have access to Real-Time Reports that will show them the status of agents and calls in the system.These reports also can show custom call counts for the day so far for agent disposition status categories like SALES or DNCs. You can also restrict what you see in the real-time reports to only be one campaign or one group of users.

A supervisor can even click to listen to an agent conversation, whisper to the agent only, or even barge into the conversation if they want to.

A supervisor also has the ability to change the inbound queues that an agent is assigned to in real-time from these reports.

For more information on our Real-Time Reports, please contact us.

Internal chat and broadcast messaging to agents

VICIhost allows you to send messages from managers to agents, with the ability for the agents to respond back as well. Managers can send a message to every agent that is logged-in, just a few select agents, or only one agent if they want.

Agents can also send messages to other agents that are logged-in(this can be restricted too), and all chat messages are logged and searchable as well. Agents even have the ability to have a group chat with multiple agents at the same time in the same chat window.

With the Internal Chat and Whisper monitoring, you can always keep in good communication with your agents, even if they are on a phone call.

For more information on Internal chat, please contact us.

Easy importing of calling lists through the Web, by API or scheduled by FTP

There are several ways to get your calling lists imported into your VICIdial system. The easiest way is through our Web-Based Lead Loader. Through the Web-based Lead Loader you can select what fields you want to import, and even save your import mapping as a template to use in the future. The Web-based Lead Loader can accept data files in tab-delimited TXT, pipe-delimited TXT, CSV, XLS and ODS formats.

The second method of importing leads is through the use of our Web API. The API is designed to quickly import leads one at a time instead of the batch format of one file at a time like the Web-based Lead Loader does. The API has more options than the Web-based Lead Loader does, and allows for leads to have their calls pre-scheduled, or even dialled immediately, see “IMMEDIATE OR SCHEDULED WEBSITE CALLBACKS” above

The third method of importing leads is through the FTP batch process. The FTP lead loading process can be set up to pull leads from an FTP account at regularly scheduled times. This process requires that the lead files be in one of a dozen different TXT file formats to work, and the results of each FTP importing process can be emailed to you.

For more information on how you can load leads into your VICIdial system, please contact us.

Share lead data across VICIdial clusters instantly when calls are transferred

With VICIdial, you can transfer calls to another separate VICIdial cluster and instantly send the lead data along with the call so the customer information will show to the receiving agent at the same time they receive the phone call.

If you have partner companies that are also using VICIdial, then when you transfer calls between companies, you can set up Cross-Cluster-Communication to be able to send lead data along with any transferred phone calls.

For more information on Cross-Cluster-Communication, please contact us.

Remote API control of agent screen functions

Through the use of the Agent API, you can control the agent screen functions from your own external system. From basic functions like initiating a new phone call for an agent, to full control of the agent screen from your own application, nearly every agent screen function can be controlled from an outside source.

Also available is a feature that can send out agent events by HTTP Push to your external system, allowing you even more fine-grained control of the agent screen from your own system.

For more information on Remote API agent screen control, please contact us.

Auto-generate call lists based on dropped inbound queued calls

You can use the “Drop Lists” feature to create calling lists from inbound calls that dropped while the customer was in queue.

You can schedule how often this process runs, and set different in-group queue drops to go into different lists.

For more information on our reports, please contact us.

Full USA, Canada, UK and SA regulatory-compliance

VICIdial has the tools you need to stay in compliance with the calling regulations in the countries you are calling.

In the USA, you have the ability to stay in compliance with both the FTC and FCC calling regulations for dropped calls, callerID, call abandon features and filtering of cellphones*. In Canada, the regulations are very similar to the USA.

In the UK, we added a specific dropped call timeout feature to stay in compliance with OFCOM regulations.

For more information on VICIdial’s regulatory compliance, please contact us.

*In the USA, the TCPA(Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991) specifically prevents calls or texts to cellphones from systems that have a capability to “auto-dial”. With “Auto-Dialing” being defined as the ability to store a phone number and place a phone call.

Because of this restriction, we have added the ability to automatically nightly filter cellphones from our clients calling lists, as a VICIhost feature. You can choose to have the leads flagged so that you can filter them out yourself, or we can delete them entirely. You can also do batch filtering of cellphones on lists during the day.

System-wide, per-Campaign and Inbound DNC Lists

With your VICIhost system, you can set up separate or shared DNC lists for each campaign. You also have the option to use a system-wide DNC list, that can be enabled for each campaign as desired.

Another option is the ability to block or redirect inbound calls coming into VICIdial based on the Caller ID number using an inbound DNC list, or a Filter Phone Group. You can also give customers the ability to call in and add their phone number to one of the outbound calling DNC lists through the use of an automated IVR that is included with VICIdial.

For more information on VICIhost and DNC lists, please contact us.

Computer IP Address access restrictions for web resources

You can set up IP Address Lists to be able to restrict access to the Agent, Admin and/or API web resources on a per User Group basis.

There is also an option to set up a system-wide IP Address blacklist to prevent users from those IP Addresses from being able to use any web resources on the system.

For more information on this, please contact us.

Agent Audio Soundboards available

Audio Soundboards can allow a human agent to just play a few selected audio recordings, like legal or contractual disclaimers, or they can replace an agent speaking to the customer entirely in much more complex audio soundboard setups. We have tested the Agent Soundboard control screen in VICIdial with over 100 audio recordings successfully, and the system is capable of handling many more than that.

Agent Soundboards have been in use in call centers around the world for years. The technology to play selected audio files within a VICIdial agent session has also been available for several years through the D1-DIAL options in the agent interface, but only a few audio files could be selected and played easily. So, in order to allow for more audio files to be displayed within the agent Script tab or a separate window and quickly played, as well as allow an audio file that is being played to be instantly stopped or restarted, new administrative interface, agent interface and server-side modules were needed. This new VICIdial Audio Soundboard module adds those new features.

Click here to contact us and ask us about VICIhost Agent Audio Soundboards.

Dozens of standard reports, which can be emailed out on a set schedule

There are dozens of standard reports included in your system. From agent reports to time reports, inbound, outbound, IVR, list and many other types of reports.

All of these reports can be scheduled to be run at specific scheduled times using the Automated Reports feature, which can send them out by email or upload them to an FTP server.

For more information on our reports, please contact us.

Ability to have recordings automatically transferred to an external FTP site

With VICIdial, we already archive your agent call recordings to our in-house archive servers. But if you want us to also send them to your own FTP account on a real-time basis, we can set that up for you too.

We can also set up processes for export and FTP only specific agent status call recordings, like SALES, to an FTP account of your choice on a nightly basis.

For more information on our call recording FTP transfer features, please contact us.

Quality Control module available

Built into VICIdial is a Quality Control module, that can allow your supervisors and Quality Control staff to review and code calls after your agents have finished with them. The QC module allows for a review of audio recordings for the call, as well as editing of the customer record and special QC status codes to PASS or FAIL a call after it has been reviewed.

For more information on our Quality Control module, please contact us.

16 languages available, or build your own language translations

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Greek
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Slovak
  • Russian
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Danish

The VICIdial admin screen is available in 6 languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Greek
  • Brazilian Portuguese

Not only can you use any of the above languages for the agent and admin screens, but VICIdial also lets you make your own language libraries right within the Administrative Web Interface!

For more information on the language options available on VICIhost, please contact us.

PBX features allow you to use your VICIhost system as your office PBX

We have several VICIdial clients that use their VICIdial system as their office PBX. With the features that you would expect from a PBX like voicemail, inbound call routing, IVRs, call queues and the ability to use your own SIP hard-phones, VICIhost can offer you a full PBX experience.

You also get the added benefit of being able to more easily monitor your VICIdial call center agents right from the same phone you have on your desk.

For more information on using your VICIhost system as your office PBX, please contact us.

Includes five hours of initial setup support and one hour per month of free tech support

With any VICIdial setup, you have our expert certified engineers at the ready to help you configure and manage your VICIdial system.

When you sign up with us, you will get access to the VICIdial Agent and Manager Manuals, as well as 5 hours of tech support to help you set up your system.

You also will get unlimited free remote tech support per dialer per month, you can use that time for regular support. Custom programming will be quoted separately.

For more information on our included support time, please contact us.

No hidden fees

Our all-inclusive monthly recurring fees are published right on our Pricing page.

A standard, once-off VICIdial set-up fee of R2900 ex-vat applies to all Setups and installs (excluding traveling)

Most of our features are included at no extra cost.

Customer integrations, scripting and development will be quoted separately.

If you want to have inbound phone numbers, we can provide those to you, or we can port your own inbound number to our network.

As for outbound calling, we offer our own outbound call termination to VICIdial clients only using a mix of reliable providers at our market leading all-inclusive rate. We provide carrier-grade voice termination.

For more information, please contact us.

99.7% uptime guarantee*, with excellent carrier-grade voice quality

Our standard Up-time guarantee is based on a 9 hour (7 am to 5 pm GMT2) work day. But we do have several clients on VICIhost that operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and we can customize a system to allow you to have the ability to run 24/7 and still allow us to regularly service your VICIdial system.

If there ever is a catastrophic hardware failure at either of our hosting facilities resulting in downtime over and above the 99.7 guarentee, we will provide a service credit according to our SLA.

Call quality is fully dependant on your connectivity. Unless you use Layer 2 Fiber or Layer 2 licensed spectrum microwave, we can not guarantee call quality.

For more information on our Up-Time and Call Quality Guarantee, please contact us.

Scalable to hundreds of logged in agents

There are VICIdial clients that have had a peak of over 500 agents logged in at one time handling phone calls. Another VICIdial client regularly places over a million outbound phone calls per day.

We can build a VICIdial cluster of servers to handle just about any call load that you would be able to throw at it.

To talk to one of our VICIdial experts about your scaling questions, please contact us.

Dedicated and Virtual dialling servers

One way we guarantee quality is by giving each client their own dedicated dialer server hardware. We don’t use virtual machines (unless it is less than 25 seats) and all your dialer will be used for is the handling of phone calls. We offload the web and database functions to separate large servers that are built to handle web and database functions only, so your dialer hardware can be left to handle more calls.

We also custom build these dialers to be able to better handle high call loads. This means that our VICIdial dialer can handle more traffic than any competitor’s server hardware.

For more information about our dedicated dialer hardware, please contact us.

Single server guaranteed to handle at least 40 agents at 3:1 line ratio

We guarantee that our dialer servers will be able to handle 40 agents. Depending on what kind of call handling you are doing, you will probably be able to handle more than that. Once you outgrow a single server, we can quickly and easily add another server to give you more capacity.

For more information on our service guarantees, please contact us.

All hosted settings and configurations are transferable to a customer-owned premises VICIdial system, or we can go the other way too

One of the features that make our VICIdial solutions different, is that we are able to move your system from being hosted to being in hardware onsite at your location if you like. Or we can go the other way around too, we can take your on-site VICIdial system and move it to the cloud in one of our datacenters.

For more information on this, please contact us.

Detailed Feature Set
  • Can call clients in succession from a database through a web-based screen
  • Displays a script for the agent to read with fields like name, address, etc. filled-in
  • Ability to set a campaign to auto-dial and send live calls to available agents
  • Ability to dial predictively in a campaign with an adaptive dialing algorithm
  • Ability to dial on a single campaign across multiple VICIdial dialers, or multiple campaigns on a single dialer
  • Ability to transfer calls with customer data to a closer/verifier
  • Ability to open a custom web page with user data from the call, per campaign, per In-Group, or per list
  • Ability to autodial campaigns to start with a simple IVR then direct to agent
  • Ability to broadcast dial to customers with a pre-recorded message
  • Ability to park the customer with custom music per campaign
  • Ability to send a dropped call to a voicemail box, queue or extension per campaign if no agent is available
  • Ability to set outbound CallerID per campaign or per list
  • Ability to take inbound calls gathering CallerID
  • Ability to function as an ACD for inbound and fronter/closer verification calls
  • Ability to have an agent take both inbound and outbound calls in one session(blended)
  • Ability to start and stop recording an agent’s calls at any time
  • Ability to automatically record all calls
  • Ability to manually or automatically call up to two other customer numbers for the same lead
  • Automatically dial unlimited alternate numbers per customer until you get an answer
  • Ability to schedule a callback with a customer as either any-agent or agent-specific
  • Ability in Manual dial mode to preview leads before dialing
  • Agents can be logged from anywhere with just a phone, web browser, and an internet connection
  • Faster hangup and dispositioning of calls with one key press (HotKeys)
  • Definable Agent Wrap-up time per campaign
  • Ability to add custom call dispositions per campaign
  • Ability to use custom database queries in campaign dialing
  • Recycling of specified status calls at a specified interval without resetting a list
  • Dialing with custom Time Zone restrictions including per state and per day-of-the-week
  • Dialing with Answering Machine Detection, also playing a message for AM calls
  • Multiple campaigns and lead-lists are possible
  • Option of a drop timer with a safe-harbor message for FTC compliance
  • Variable drop call percentage when dialing predictively for FTC compliance
  • System-wide and per-campaign DNC lists that can optionally be activated per campaign
  • All calls are logged and statuses of calls are logged as well as agent time breakdowns
  • Load Balancing of call across multiple inbound or outbound Asterisk servers is possible
  • Agent phone login balancing and fail over across multiple vicidial servers
  • Several real-time and summary reports available
  • Real-time campaign display screens
  • 3rd party conferencing(with DTMF macros and number presets)
  • 3rd party blind call transfer
  • 3rd party conferencing with agent drop-off
  • Custom Music-On-Hold and agent alert sound for inbound calls
  • Estimated hold time, place in line, overflow queues and several other inbound-only features
  • Skills-based ranking and call routing per inbound group(queues) and campaign
  • Queue Prioritization per campaign and inbound group
  • Single agent call queuing
  • Ability to set user levels and permissions for certain features and campaigns
  • Ability for managers to listen-in on agent conversations
  • Ability for managers to enter conversations with agents and customers
  • Ability for managers to change the selected queues for an agent
  • Ability for agents to select a Pause Code when they are not active
  • Ability for agents to control volume levels and mute themselves
  • Ability for agents to view the statuses of other agents on the system
  • Ability for agents to view details for calls in queue that the agent is selected to take calls from
  • Ability for agents to select and click to take calls in queue from their agent screen
  • Agent shift enforcement by day and time, defined per user group
  • Multi-function web-based agent API allowing for control of agent sessions including click-to-dial outside of the agent screen
  • Lead import web-based API
  • Web-based data export utilities
  • Separate Time-clock application to track user work time
  • Web-based administration
  • DID, phone and carrier trunk provisioning through the web interface
  • Inbound email handling through the agent web screen
  • Chat with customers from a website through the agent web screen
  • Chat with managers and other agents in the agent web screen
  • The agent web application is available in English, Spanish, Greek, German, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Slovak, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Traditional Chinese and Japanese.
  • The admin web pages available in English, Spanish, Greek, German, Italian, French and Brazilian Portuguese.

Click here to see the Detailed feature set
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