The only accredited VICIdial provider in South Africa with over 250 Call Centre Clients


The Only Certified VICIdial Partner Specialising Exclusively In Call Centres In South Africa


Built on an open-source platform and boasting a global installation base, VICIdial boasts a full-featured predictive dialer while also functioning as an Automated Call Distribution (ACD) system. 

Agents are therefore able to predictively or manually call through campaign lists while also handling inbound and outbound calls on a blended basis. 

From within a single, centralized web-based interface, agents can also respond to inbound emails and engage in live customer chat sessions embedded into an existing website via a widget. 

Routing options and queue prioritization rules then ensure that calls and emails are directed to the most qualified agent, with managers able to listen in on agent calls to monitor performance. 

Boasting over 2,000 features in total, VICIdial goes on to include automatic call recording that can be stopped or started at any time, while logging calls and call status. 

User levels and permissions can be set to restrict certain features or campaign accessibility, before web-based data exporting and shareable real-time reporting enables authorised agents, managers and team leaders to analyse call campaign performance.


VICIdial is a fully burstable solution that provides on-demand capacity needs both in terms of real-time concurrent call processing and the number of agents or locations, in other words, maximise your potential to outcompete any competition of yours in terms of TTH (talk time per hour).
It can handle a massive amount of calls – our customers gain a heavy-weight system from a light-weight installation at an unbeatable return on investment due to our all-inclusive pricing model


Teleforge has highly trained and certified VICIdial engineers 

Teleforge has over 250 call centre customers; we deeply understand the needs of call centre owners

We will be more than a tech vendor; we become your trusted call centre tech advisor 

The only company that can effectively scale VICIdial in the Cloud

Teleforge’s VICICloud uses the latest in Cloud Hyper-converged Technology from Pure Storage to ensure 99,999% uptime at our core. (Read more on our Core Network here.)


First in South Africa with an All-inclusive, Unlimited Voice Calls * Contact-Center-as-a-Service Solution. 

Pay as little as R899 per month per agent that includes unlimited voice minutes 

VICIdial in Action


Our Chat messaging allows for customers to chat with agents from websites.
It allows managers to chat with agents and agents to chat with other agents all within their existing agent screen.
The Chat Messaging built into Vicidial is entirely web-based and uses its own protocol. All messages are logged and searchable through the Agent-Manager Chat Log accessible through the Admin Utility webpage.

VICIdial admin


The VICIdial Admin Interface is tailored to enable easy control over every job function. Customisation of elements that are associated with tasks that are outside of your job specification is deactivated or not shown at all, allowing you full customisation for more straightforward navigation.
The Admin Interface allows you to perform all necessary administration tasks from one window. The navigation tabs and menus provide point-and-click access to all other administration features. The dashboard consists of dashlets that give a visual overview of all admin features.

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T|Forge is an SA-based software company focused on developing, providing and supporting cutting-edge voice and call centre products to increase call centre productivity. Call Centre Owners turn to us because South African matters, and we are a Call Centre Technology company, exclusively servicing over 250 Call Centres clients.

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Boasting over 2,000 features in total, VICIdial includes automatic call recording that can be stopped or started at any time, while logging calls and call status. See all the feature by clicking below