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The Teleforge Integration Dialer forms part of Contact Centre Cloud and is designed for deep integrations into your existing CRM or Call Centre Operation Software

Contact Centre Cloud Dialer

The Teleforge Integration Dialer forms part of Contact Centre Cloud and is designed for deep integrations into your existing CRM or Call Centre Operation Software. It provides outbound dialer functionality that delivers the capabilities you need to make your outbound collections, sales or telemarketing highly efficient and more profitable. You can easily triple the amount of time your agents spend with live prospects, in other words, agents enjoy more talk time and less dead time.

Our Dialer has a broad range of features that are robust and powerful, yet easy to use and designed to enhance all facets of your outbound phone-based campaign.

With Call Center Cloud you get robust and flawless reporting, call recording, automatic callbacks, data history, seamless CRM integration, and all the tools to assist you in complying with regulations, Do-Not-Call list Protection, caller ID settings, and much more.

With a modern API based on REST principles and a real-time notification structure, it allows agents to live in their own CRM or operation application without ever needing to switch to another system or toggle between the dialer interface and the CRM interface, as is the case with most dialers. These deep integrations allow greater visibility, audibility and higher productivity by providing outbound power dialer functionality within the integrating application. It is an engine that fits completely behind the integrators application.

Connect more in less time

Immediately increasing contact ratios and agent talk time by up to 300%

  • Give your agents the maximum number of live calls. We have demonstrated talk times of up to 50 minutes per hour (TTH – Talk Time per Hour) and includes enhanced AMD (Answer Machine Detection) to improve dialling effectiveness.
  • Don’t waste time. With call centers, time is in fact money. Save time with simple click-to-dial and automatic call logging, while our dialer helps ensure you pass only live calls to your agents.
  • Significantly increase productivity with blended capabilities.  Inbound agents can also make outbound calls during quite inbound times, and let outbound agents take inbound calls during peak periods.
  • Teleforge’s Contact Center Cloud platform provides fully integrated core contact applications including AMD, IVR, Dialer, Call Recording and a comprehensive compliance and security features.
  • Achieve higher levels efficiencies while maintaining even greater risk mitigation safeguards compared to traditional dialing technologies with features like SSL encryption, Data Security and Privacy Protection, SRTP, Daily Spend Plans, International Toll Fraud Protection and Geo-fraud IP detection.

Whether you have 5 agents or multiple locations with over 1,000 agents, you have full access to all the features and advanced capabilities that make our Contact Center Cloud South Africa’s most popular call center and dialer solution. No matter what your industry, it’s likely you’re being asked to deliver higher results with fewer resources. The fundamental challenge of bringing more customers to the table is the same for any business.


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Why the Contact Center Cloud Dialer?

Flexible, scalable and secure. Mass provisioning and scale differentiate our dialer from most stand-alone, competing hardware or hosted dialer systems.

The Call Center Cloud Dialer is a fully burstable solution that provides on-demand capacity needs both in terms of real-time concurrent call processing and the number of agents or locations, in other words, maximise your potential to outcompete any competition of yours in terms of TTH (talk time per hour).

Work within your own CRM or operations software browser  – our product development team can work with you to provide the best-fit products and solutions while integrating Contact Centre Cloud into your own CRM or operating system.
It can handle a massive amount of calls – our customers gain a heavy-weight system from a light-weight installation at an unbeatable return on investment due to our all-inclusive pricing model.

Key Reasons to make the move:

  • Deliver the maximum number of live calls to your agents
  • Increase agent and team performance
  • Increased productivity by making use of the blended call functionality
  • Skills-based routing so the right agent handles the call
  • Faster hang-up and dispositioning with hot-keys
Contact Center Cloud Dialer in Depth

Compared to VICIdial and other stand-alone dialers, the Teleforge Dialer is uniquely different in that it is designed for deep integration enabling users to only use one system; the CRM or Operation Software of their choice.

Teleforge developed a Behavioral Testing framework that allows us to make changes and develop new features without breaking existing functionality. We administer automated tests at scales of 200+ agents and generate actual calls. This testing methodology is industry leading and world class in the contact center space.

The Contact Center Cloud Dialer provides hardware efficiency with an order of magnitude higher than any other Dialer in the market. 

Call Recordings are automatic and are available through the API, allowing integrators to retrieve them at any point in time or stream them for playback. 

The Contact Center Cloud Dialer supports on-the-fly campaign changes, allowing agents to be added or removed, callees to be added, and aggression or any other campaign settings to be changed while a campaign is running. Conversely, campaigns can be created and modified ahead of time as well. 

Reporting is provided by the Teleforge Reporting Module or can be done within the Integrators application as the necessary information is made available to the integrator. A real-time dashboard is also available showing agent or campaign statistics for running or previously run campaigns. 

Because of the real-time architecture, the Integrators application can react in real-time, further promoting efficiency, as well as having Call Data Records within the integrators application for any purposes desired, such as reporting or audit trails.

Features for Clients

  • Progressive/Pseudo-Predictive Dialer, with tunable aggression (the number of calls to attempt per available agent)
  • Multiple Campaigns at the same time
  • Real-time stats dashboard with:
    • campaign based call stats
    • campaign based agent stats
    • agent-based stats
  • No new system to learn, the backend of your current system
  • Ease of use determined by Integrator, not limited by us.
  • Reporting via Teleforge Reporting

Features for Integrators

  • Restful JSON HTTP API
  • Public API Documentation with API testing tools (APIary and Postman)
  • Low Latency Redis based notifications
  • Frontendless – designed to be in the background of your system
  • Asynchronous State Machine – manages all the states, integrators should just react to the changes in state
  • Backwards compatibility is always a factor with new features
  • Thoroughly tested at scale with automated behavioural tests
  • Involved integration process, we walk the Integrator through what the best design option is for their system and stay involved through the entire integration process.


Full Feature List

Category Feature Description/Notes
Call Outbound Calls
Call Call Queueing
Call Hotdesking (Users & Devices) A PBX Feature that doesn’t impact the Dialer
Call Voicemail Detection
Campaign Progressive Outbound Campaigns 1 call at a time per agent (we call it aggression 1)
Campaign Variable Aggression Outbound Campaigns X number of calls made per available agent: e.g. aggression 5 with 10 available agents = 50 calls
API Specify Custom References per Callee Ties notifications and call records to the account within the Contact Centre Software
API Hangup Call
API Fetch Recordings
API Agent Availability Control
Notification Realtime Low Latency Notifications
Notification Fault Tolerant CDR Notifications
Notification Integrator Supplied Reference codes
Notification Agent Missed Call CDR Notification
Notification Callee Missed Call CDR Notification
CDR Call Durations
CDR Call End Reasons
CDR Call Provider End Codes ISDN Codes
CDR Agent Call Dispositioning (retry, remove, complete)
Stats Call Stats
Stats Campaign Agent Stats
Stats Agent Stats
Reporting Teleforge Reporting Module
Reporting Teleforge Real-time Stats
Infrastructure statsd statistics
Infrastructure Package based Deployments Allows easy updating of the application with no client interaction

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