Work From Home (WFH)

Employing an at-home workforce of call center agents starts with equipping them with the right tools. Our Call Centre Cloud and VICIdial Cloud Solutions are designed for this. BUT to ensure security of personal information and call quality the data connection for remote workers are crucial… 

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we can get your workforce working from home super fast, at the lowest cost guaranteed, and with no long term agreements

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Solutions for Call Centres to enable working from home (WFH)

We can effectively have agents work from home using PC’s, Laptops, or Tablets. VICIdial Cloud allows for a full WFH workforce or a hybrid workforce with both WFH agents and office-bound agents. The agents that work from home will connect back to the VICICloud PBX using our APN Solution. 

VICIdial Cloud

Call Centre Cloud is designed for scale and integration. This hosted call centre IPBX and Predictive Dialler allows both on-site and remote agents to work as if they are in one place; allowing for full virtual call centres or hybrid call centres with both WFH agents and on-site agents. The WFH agents will connect back to the hosted IPBX using our APN Solution. 

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Corporate Cloud is designed for mid-sized companies with up to 200 employees. It offers voice and video calls, conferencing, unified messaging, and presence services with both Android and IOS mobile apps. This is the ideal IPBX for companies that need stable, high quality voice for both WFH employees and office-bound employees. To top it – this is the most cost effective solution for mid-sized companies guaranteed. 


If call quality and data security are essential – than APN SIM cards are the only way to connect your WFH employees. Standard data SIMs that uses the public internet is not secure and depending on network congestion, will give call quality. Our APN solution doesn’t use the internet like standard data SIMs – it connects the WFH employee directly to the cloud IPBX. It is a business service which is prioritised over standard SIM cards. PLUS you can control the access you want your WFH employee to have – if you only want them to access applications and websites relevant to their job, then you can set this up via the management portal.


Connecting both office and WFH employees securely

With COVID-19, the world is a different place. Call Centres and Businesses are forced to have their employees work from home, and we believe working from home will become the standard. T|Forge is ready to lead this change with industry-leading cloud telephony, giving clients 99,999% uptime. We have the most redundant carrier-grade voice platform and uses the latest technology in cloud computing; we have no choice because some of our customers are medical aids and banks. Since the COVID-19 Lockdown, we have successfully connected 1000s of employees to work from home for our customers. You can now run your business on the same technology our customers use at the lowest cost guaranteed.

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